Truck Driver 2's started shooting in Lucknow
Truck Driver 2's started shooting in Lucknow
After the huge success of Balma Bihar Wala 2, going to be under the banner of Deoghar Entertainment and Indra film International next upcoming film is 'Track Driver 2' Shooting currently running in lucknow uttar pradesh. The film is producer Ritesh Thakur and director Rajkumar R Pandey.

It is story Writer by Lalji Yadav and music giving Chhote Baba. Pradeep Pandey 'Chintu' and Ritesh Pandey will seen lead roles in the film. The two have been working together for the first time the pair.

Besides these two films, Sushil Singh, Gopal Rai, Anoop Aurora, Raju Singh Mahi, JH Funds have major roles.

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