Wave music company known musical folklore promotional spots on the occasion of Chhath Chhath Chhath lovers are issued based on the 9 new collection. From which one would hear people singing.

first album of Kalpana and Rakesh Mishra has sweet voice in  "E saiyan Chhath maie aja". The second album 'bahangi Luchke ray Nandi' the Ashok Mishra and Vinay Mishra voice.

Wave Music Release 7 other Chhatt Pooja Album:-

Album Name: Paawan Parab Chathi Mai Ke
Singer: Arvind Akela (Kallu ji) and Nisha

Album Name: Chhatt Maiya Hoiha Sahay
Singer: Purushottam Priyadarshi

Album Name: Chhathi Maiya Aihe Anganwa
Singer: Annu Dube

Album Name: Chhatt Mahaparv
Singer: Shubha Mishra

Album Name: Gah Gah Ghaat Kare Chhathi Mai Ke
Singer: Rinku Ojha

Album Name: Lihi Araghiya Hey Dinanath
Singer: Sanjna Raj

Album Name: Pujab Chhatti Maiya Ke
Singer: Ankush-Raja

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