Manoj Tiwari's Bhatija Uday Tiwari Marriage With Sneha
Manoj Tiwari's Bhatija Uday Tiwari Marriage With Sneha
Writer-producer-director Sandhausen Bhojpuri 'fine' son's junior And Bhojpuri cinema's mega star and MP Uday Tiwari Manoj Tiwari's Bhatija with Sneha sacrament past Golden Swan Mumbai suburb of Thane, a grand ceremony was held at the Country Club.

A huge Risepshan marriage was held, greeted the actors as active Manoj Tiwari. Uday Tiwari Bhojpuri bridesmaid emerging artists. 'Gorki Ptrki re' rise from the movies with his elder brother Ravi Shankar took to.

On the occasion of World Vikrant Singh Bhojpuri, Aditya Oza, Prveslal Yadav, Surya, Munna Rizvi, Dalfin and other dignitaries.

Kapil Patil (MP), Shrikant Shinde (MP), businessman Anand Bihari Yadav, ONGC The officer Gopal Vijayavargiya and RP Pandey so big personalities in this Smarah arrived to bless the bride-groom.

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