"Aakhir Kab Tak Ki" film's shooting starts tomorrow.
"Aakhir Kab Tak Ki" film's shooting starts tomorrow.

Under the banner of P.N.J Films film director Mithilesh's hindi film "Aakhir Kab Tak Ki" will start its shooting from tomorrow. The hindi film "Aakhir Kab Tak Ki"  is produced by Nishikant Jha who is known for his social service in the country, and who also has his own family business. It is said that this is going to be Jha's debut as a film producer in the film industry. The film's story is written by Mohammad Shahbaaz, Lyrics by Roop Kumar Jaiswal and the Music is composed by Jayant Aryan. Film's Choreographer is Santosh Kumar and the film's cinematography responsibility has been given to D.K. Sharma. The film's action is done by Hira Yadav and he will be assisted by Dharam Soni.The film's production will be handled by Kapil Shah and all the decorations and setup will be done by Shreekanth. Costumes are given by Munna. Film " Aakhir Kab Tak Ki" Star cast of the film are Vinay Rana, Manisha Singh, Ajay Pratap, Madhu Sarkar, Dhiraj Pandit, Pratibha Pandey, Aditya Mohan, Ram Sujan Singh , Habib Bhai, Karishma Mittal, Mehnaz Shroff, Vinod Mishra, Soni Patel and Suman Jha.

Speaking about film"Aakhir Kab Tak Ki" , film director Mithilesh Avinash said that it is the story of a family who is against the dowry system and fights off tyranny and torture and the film will also portray the martyrdom between Hindu and Muslim . And that's why the film has been made " Aakhir Kab Tak Ki". The film's promotions and publicity has been given to PRO Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala.
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