Kalpana Shah as IPS officer in Film 'Dulha Chor'
Kalpana Shah as IPS officer in Film 'Dulha Chor'

Bhojpuri and Hindi film actress Kalpana Shah emerging IPS officer's role in the film is the Dulha Chor. Fiction film about a daughter-in-laws and society of Shah says its hard to be reprimanded become IPS officer Bani film on a true story.

Female role in the film conceived superb acting principal will see. Shah has been playing fantasy IPS officer.

Birendra Paswan film director, producer NK Jha (W G), Story Manish, Sureshanand composer, lyricist Manish.

The film's other stars Kalpana Shah, Ghanshyam G, Phool Singh, Arun G., Avdesh G and involves so many people, including Aruna G.

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