Ravi Kishan Return For Shooting after 1.5 Month
Ravi Kishan Return For Shooting after 1.5 Month
Bhojpuri films and almost all languages of the mega star of proving his skills in films actor Ravi Kishan is its strong comeback. During the shooting of Telugu film Supreme half months ago in order to protect fighters from the accident were injured Ravi Kishan. His hand came to a total of 6 fracture.

The doctor told him to rest completely indomitable willpower but Ravi Kishan, who is considered a person of only one and a half ago made itself incapable of re-shooting. The Telugu film industry after Ravi Kishan's tragedy was stirred. All of the major stars of Telugu prayed for his early recovery. Ravi Kishan interesting thing is that the return of the Telugu film.
D IG name of the film was shot at when he first stood up the whole unit Talia rang in honor of his favorite artists. Ravi Kishan is said that the love of my loved ones I recovered quickly from the greater tragedy.

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